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Extra-Curricular Clubs 

Portage Central has a long and rich history of student clubs, developed and run by them. We believe that success in the classroom is fueled by participation in activities outside the classroom. That is why we devote resources to making sure these clubs and activities are active and open to all interested students. 


Below is a list of some of our most popular and current clubs. However, since students are encouraged to create their own clubs (click the "Create a Club" tab below to see how to create your own club), this list is constantly changing! Contact our Activities Office for details on what clubs we are offering today! 

National Honor Society
Kent Baker

The National Honor Society revolves around four pillars: Service, Character, Leadership, and Scholarship. Based upon outstanding academic achievements, the Faculty Committee invites then selects students for participation. 

Link Crew 
Nikki Smith

The Student Ambassador program started in 2012. The goal was to help integrate freshmen into High School and make for an easier transition from Middle School. In 2019, this program changed from Ambassadors to Link Crew. Link Crew is a North American student leadership program. Junior and Seniors are selected through a rigorous set of requirements and are trained as mentors for freshmen. The training process consists of team building, cooperative skill development, discussion skills, situation scenarios, and other activities.

As the Link Crew website states, “The program teaches students that by working together they can be successful in a positive experience. It claims to increase academic success through peer support. It welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year. Link Leaders start the school year by helping at freshman orientation. This allows the Link Leaders to get the freshman class excited and develop relationships that will contribute to their success. After orientation, Link Crew continues, providing academic and social follow-up activities throughout the year. Through this program, students learn that people at school care about them and their success.”

In the 2019-2020 school year, Portage Central had 80 Link Leaders for 375 freshmen and 5 staff advisers. Our upperclassmen still continue to serve as “Ambassadors” for our school. Along with the Link Crew program, we also have Transfer Ambassadors who help 10th -12th graders new to Portage Central High School adapt to their surroundings and provide them with a mentor as they adjust to a different environment.

Student Council 
Rob Hoopingarner
269-323-5301 •

Student Council at Portage Central is more than just student representatives and activities. It truly is a student government. Meeting everyday 3rd period, our Student Council listens to students and works with staff to fix student issues, address school-wide matters, and continue to improve upon our school community. Student Council is led by five officers, including our Student Body President and comprised of 24 student representatives, six from each class, elected so by them. On top of all this, Student Council hosts many events every year including homecomings, talent show, and dances. 

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