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The pay-to-participate policy is a district-wide policy impacting activities and athletics in both high schools and the three middle schools. This policy is designed to share the financial costs of the various extra-curricular programs between the tax-payers and participants. 


The student activities groups required to pay the pay-to-participate fee are: 

  • Musical

  • Play

  • Debate 

  • Forensics



Fee - The fee for the four required student activities groups is $50.00. This is a one-time fee and covers all four seasons. The fee must be paid prior to the first public performance or at a date set by the activities office, whichever comes first.  


Payment Method - Students and parents can pay the pay-to-participate fee online, with a check or cash. 


Participation in Multiple Activities/Sports - Some groups, many athletic teams included, are required to pay a $150.00 fee. The maximum fee paid by an individual student per year is $150.00, no matter the number of activities in which a student participates. 


Multiple Students/Family Fee Cap - No matter the number of students participating or the number of activities in which said students participate, families will not pay more than $275.00 per year. 


Financial Considerations - Students and families who qualify for free/reduced lunch will receive a 50% reduction in the fee cost. The family cap for families who qualify for free/reduced lunch is $125.00


Booster Fees and other Non-District Fees - Many programs require the payment of booster or other types of fees. While essential for each program's success, these fees are not required by the district and therefore do not count towards the pay-to-participate fee. Please be sure to speak with the program director or activities office if you have questions. 

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